Tiles, Photovoltaic

Roof tiles that contain photovoltaic cells, which are used to generate electricity for the home. The tiles are designed to look like standard roof tiles, such as, but not limited to, clay, Spanish or mission tiles, cement fiber and slate. The photovoltaic tiles are similar in size to other standard roof tiles. The photovoltaic tiles produce electricity in the form of direct current, which is converted to alternating current using a solar inverter unit. The wiring for the photovoltaic tiles is run through the roof decking to the solar inverter. The tiles are installed in an interlocking manner just like standard roof tiles.

Included in cost: Photovoltaic roof tiles, roof felt, furring strips, DC/AC solar power inverter, fuses, combiner panel board, safety switches, conduit and wiring to power grid at service panel, feeder wire, connection and activation of photovoltaic shingle array, flashing, gutters, downspouts and installation labor. Roof joists/framing and sheathing costs are included in the report under Framing.

Enter the percentage of the home with photovoltaic roof tiles.


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